Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost parents anything for a child to go to camp?  

No, Camp Quality funds the entire expense of camp and the year-round support program.

Who can attend Camp Quality?  

Any child aged 5-17, who has been diagnosed with cancer can attend. Priority is given to returning campers and children on active treatment.

Does Camp Quality receive any government funds?
No, community groups, small and large businesses, private foundations and individual donors fund Camp Quality.

Is Camp Quality a United Way Agency?  
No, Camp Quality is an independent, non-profit agency.   Camp Quality USA is a member of the Children’s Oncology Camping Association (COCA).

Does Camp Quality own any campgrounds?  

No, nor do we want to.   We seek and rent out campgrounds in close proximity to the program’s central location.  Each campground must provide safe and comfortable facilities that meet our program requirements and needs of our campers.

Are there background checks of all camp staff?  
Yes, a background check is conducted for all staff including camp directors, companions, and volunteers.   The background check is accompanied with personal reference checks, face-to-face interviews and training before the start of camp.

Will the privacy of a child and his/her family be protected at Camp Quality?
Yes, Camp Quality considers privacy of the family to be of utmost importance.   We never publish or give out a camper’s last name in order to ensure privacy.